Who are we? We're glad you asked.

The origin of our company name

Yes, there is a real turkey! His name is John Mayer, and his stomping ground is called Turkey Hill. If you drop by for a visit, you will find his Big Turkey footprints everywhere. 

Turkey Hill is in Kentucky, where our company’s roots are, but our Big Turkey Foot prints crisscross America, always heading to wherever we will find our next chances for growth and adventure.

What do a doctor, a firefighter, a sheriff’s deputy, and a stay-at-home mom, have in common?

A passion for fitness, longevity, and the good life. A love of coffee and a thirst for taking on challenges. When we turned our curious minds to the task of combining all of these things, the result was Big Turkey Foot Coffee Company.

Near-Death Experience

A company born from "What's next?"

When your whitewater rafting vacation turns into a near death experience, what do you do? If you are the founders of Big Turkey Foot Coffee Company, you dry yourselves off and ask, “What’s next?”

With our passion for the good life, we turned to coffee roasting as a joint endeavor. It is a natural fit, providing energy to fuel our active lifestyles and the opportunity to share our passions by traveling with the Big Turkey Foot Coffee truck.

So, who are these characters? Ian is the coffee guru who oversees the roasting of the signature blend. Reid is the doctor who knows the health benefits of coffee. Kelsey is the navigator who keeps the crew from straying dangerously far from the shore. Hadley is the spirit of the enterprise, the head cheerleader and encourager, as well as the keeper of the turkey.

When adventure calls, you won’t find us hanging back. We will be making big tracks toward whatever is next. You might find us skiing in the mountains or on the lake, camping in the desert, or dancing at a music festival. One thing is certain—wherever we go, great coffee goes along.

We believe in living the good life and that it is up to you to define a life well-lived. For us, it means always asking, “What’s next?”

Indulge your taste buds